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  • Repair Corrupted MDF & NDF Database Files
  • Fix SQL Database Corruption Errors
  • Different Options to Export Recovered Data

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SQL database recovery software repairs MDF file from corrupted database that leads to the inaccessibility in SQL Server database. The tool helps in repairing your SQL Database Files. The database files could be any, Primary or Secondary. SQL repair tool is capable of recovering Ransomware affected MDF & NDF files.Irrespective of it's file size, it can recover SQL database files very easily.

SQL database repair tool works on all the corruption related problems.Issues like Page Level Corruption, Database in Suspect mode, SQL Server Table Corruption error,Corruption in Non-clustered indexes, Accidental deletion of Data and many others. SQL Recovery software is capable of recovering all components of SQL Database like tables, stored procedure ,functions, views, triggers etc. By using this software the user can also recover deleted SQL database objects easily.

SQL repair tool provides two options for exporting in SQL Server Database. The choice is yours. Either you want to export file in SQL Server Database or as SQL Server Compatible Scripts using SQL recovery tool. The software offers you the latest SQL Server version 2019 for recovery. Not only repairs .mdf file of SQL Server 2019, it also exports it to SQL Server database.

SQL Repair Tool - Top Highlighted Features

  • Repair corrupt SQL MDF / NDF files
  • Quick and Advance Mode To repair SQL database
  • Auto-Detect the SQL Server version
  • Recover all components of SQL database
  • Provide support for the recovery of Primary/ Foreign key
  • Export large extent SQL database after repair
  • Preview deleted SQL database objects in Red color
  • Recover deleted Table, Stored Procedure, Functions, Views, Indexes
  • Repair MDF file from virus attack (Wallet Ransomware)
  • Migrate SQL database tables from one database to another
  • Support standard & user defined schemas
  • Different options to export recovered data
  • Recover data type like XML & ASCII
  • Repair MDF file of SQL Server 2019 & below versions

Repair Corrupt MDF File with Advanced Features

Repair MDF & NDF File in SQL Server

SQL repair tool is able to repair MDF and NDF Files with all its database objects in much less time. You can recover SQL server database without any file size limitation. MDF recovery software repair MDF files of large sized database objects and also recover deleted records from SQL table.

Recover all SQL Database Objects

This convenient and robust SQL MDF repair tool recovers all existing SQL database objects like Table, Triggers, Stored Procedure, Views, Rules etc. SQL repair tool is capable of recovering large sized tables. It also supports ASCII and Unicode XML datatypes. Also, this software allows the user to recover deleted SQL database objects easily.

Supports latest SQL Server version

SQL database recovery tool supports MDF/NDF files of SQL Server 2019/2017/2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005/2000 versions. It is very feasible and can be installed on all Windows operating systems of bit 32 or 64. Hence,you can easily recover SQL database of any version.

Repair Database with Two Scan Options

SQL repair tool gives you two different scanning options. One is 'Quick Scan' and the other is 'Advance Scan'. Choose Quick scan, if normal level corruption persists else choose Advance scan, if you have high level of corruption.SQL recovery software scans corrupted MDF file data and if any corruption persists, the recovery process is done at the same time.

Exports as SQL Database or as .sql script

SQL repair tool provides you two different options for exporting database objects of MDF & NDF files, i.e. SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compatible script. Choose SQL Server database option to export data into SQL Server database or as SQL Server compatible script to export data as .sql script.

Supports to Recover Constraint Key

SQL Recovery Tool maintains the integrity of the database objects, hence it recovers and maintains the database keys(Primary /Foreign) associated with tables. Both Primary as well as Foreign Keys are supported by SQL database repair after database export process.

Recover SQL Advanced Data Types

SQL database repair software is capable of supporting the Advanced data types. The tool recovers Datetime2, hierarchyid, geometry & datetimeoffset, sql_variant, geography data types. Furthermore, it also supports ASCII & Unicode XML data types.

Recovery from Wallet Ransomware

Sometimes the user faces unusual behaviour of the system like spam emails, unauthenticated downloads of software etc. SQL Repair Tool protects your SQL Server database by recovering your data from the infection of Ransomware.


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How SQL Repair Tool Works?

Screenshots of SQL Recovery Software

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Product FAQs

Yes, SQL recovery software easily repair corrupt mdf file without SQL Server environment. But to save the data in SQL Server database, you need to have SQL Server.
No, SQL database recovery software does not impose any file size limitation to repair corrupt MDF file. It can recover the SQL Server database of any size.
Yes, SQL recovery software is capable to recover SQL database from Suspect mode.
Yes, SQL repair tool can recover SQL Server database of 2017 & all below versions
Perform the following steps to repair mdf file using SQL recovery tool:
  • Install and run SQL Repair tool
  • Click on "Open" then select and add corrupted MDF file
  • Select scanning mode, Quick or Scan and select MDF file Version
  • Software will start scanning MDF file and repair MDF file quickly
  • Preview all the repaired items of MDF file
  • Click on "Export" to save the repaired items.
Yes, SQL repair tool is capable to convert .mdf to .sql script files.
Yes, SQL recovery software has an 'Auto-Detect' feature which automatically detect the .mdf file version. By enabling it, software will detect the version and recovers its data.
Yes, The strong inbuilt functionality of SQL database repair can recover SQL database from any virus attack.
Yes, SQL database repair tool is capable to transfer data from one database to another database in SQL Server.
Yes, SQL recovery software recovers deleted records from SQL Server database tables. This user can preview the deleted SQL table records in red color.
Yes, The user can easily recover deleted database objects such as SQL Tables, Stored procedure, functions, views, Indexes etc.

Demo Version of SQL Database Recovery Tool

Free Download SQL Recovery Tool

SQL Recovery Tool

SQL repair tool performs quick & advance scan of corrupted MDF & NDF file and recover it simultaneously. The software recovers deleted database records from SQL Server tables.

Usability Requirements

  • Supports SQL Server 2019 & Windows 10 and its below variants
  • Co-ordinate with 1 GHZ Processor
  • Minimum Ram required is 4 GB
  • Need 100 MB Free Disk Space

Repair MDF File From Any Corruption

SQL Server database can be damaged due to physical or logical corruptness in the database. This might make the Server show the following types of symptoms which will help you in determining that your SQL database has been affected with corruption and has to be recovered.

Symptoms of Database Corruption:

  • The SQL Server database become inaccessible
  • Hardware faulty like Disk, CPU, Controller
  • IO Susbsytem level
  • Malicious infection
  • Power outage in the middle of transaction

Resolve SQL Corruption issue

What Client Says about SQL Repair Tool?

Avira Smith, USA


I stuck with database consistency errors in my database, I tried DBCC CHECKDB with Repair_Allow_Data_Loss to repair SQL Server database. But, it didn't resolved my issue and I losted all possible chances of recovering my corrupt SQL Database. Then I got the recommendation of this SQL Repair tool while searching for my solution and I got my solution here. SQL recovery tool repaired mdf file safely and I exported my data in SQL Server database without any data loss.

Mark Kendall, Poland


I encountered the number of consistency errors related to corruption in my database, due to which I was not be able to access my database. I downloaded the free demo of this SQL recovery tool instead of running repair_allow_data_loss as there is no guarantee that it will fix my errors. I tried SQL repair utility and successfully repair mdf file.

Kyra Cyrus, London


After corruption in SQL database due to hardware issue, I tried this SQL recovery tool and succesfully recovered corrupted SQL database from MDF file. I successfully recovered my data without any data loss.

Stephen Johanson, USA


While doing modification on my database, I accidently deleted some table records in my SQL Server database. I was worried as the records I deleted was crucial. After surfing, how to recover deleted records in SQL Server, I found SQL repair tool which helps in recovering SQL database records. SQL recovery software helped me in recovering my deleted records successfully an d export it as SQL Server database.

John Smith, London


My .mdf file was heavily affected by wallet ransomware infection. SQL recovery tool proves to be worth it as the software easily recovered data from .mdf database file affected by wallet ransomware. Thank you!!

Lily Marlizan, Singapore


SQL recovery software becomes my saviour as it helped me in recovering deleted database records in SQL Server. Thanks to the developers!

Henry Steve, Australia


SQL repair tool helped us in converting mdf file to .sql script as we need to export mdf to .sql script for futher use. This made our work easy.

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