SQL Decryptor Software


  • Decrypt Encrypted SQL Database Objects
  • Provide Validaton Option After Preview
  • Decrypt Large SQL Database Scripts Files
  • Uses Highly Durable Decryption Technique
  • An Easy Way to Read Encrypted SQL Database
  • Remove Encryption from SQL Server Stored Procedure

Reachable Solvent to Find Out How To Decrypt SQL Views Confidently

With a high-ranked and technically enriched software application one can definitely get an understandable procedure to know how to decrypt SQL views, stored procedure and other database objects with complete faith over the reliability of the tool. SQL Decryptor, being one of the safest and technologically sound application programs for decrypting a coded database of the SQL Server along with database security ensured.

There is a trial version of the SQL database decryptor software, which demonstrates the procedure of decoding the encryption done on the file. You can successfully preview the decrypted SQL Server script with the help of the demo version which allows the users in gaining trust over the software prior to purchase. Meanwhile, to perform the complete procedure of decrypting SQL views, procedure etc you will have to purchase the licensed version of the tool at an affordable price range. SQL user can solve the query how to decrypt SQL Server stored procedures also along with views, functions by using this SQL Decryptor tool.

SQL Decryptor Tool Key Factors

Quick Decrypt SQL database

Quickly Decrypt SQL Server Database Objects

SQL decryptor is a perfect decoder and has essential capabilities to decrypt the encrypted SQL database script files objects such as Store Procedure, Views, Triggers and Function. By using it you can remove encryption of the SQL database without losing database original integrity.


Trouble-Free GUI

Some of the tools procedure is so complicated that the user using it may get disappointed. But as we talk about this SQL decryptor tool, any user can handle it and in first time because it's navigation interface is very easy and user friendly, So that anybody can use it to remove encryption from SQL database.

Support SQL Server Version

Supporting Environment

Decrypt SQL objects of any of the SQL Server database. SQL decryptor software made under proficient configuration which supports SQL Server 2000, 2005 2008, 2012 & 2014 versions and removes encryption from SQL Server stored procedure. Well this fascinating tool can be able to install on any of the Window Operating System.

Twin mode login

Twin Mode Login Abilty

With the help of dual login mode you can decrypt the SQL database through Windows by selecting Database names whereas in SQL Server login authentication you need to fill up its credential. So login in two different modes and easily decrypt encrypted SQL database scripts.

Live SQL Server

Reside SQL Server Environment

The working criteria of SQL Decrytor are very authentic. It requires live SQL Server environment to decrypt the SQL database script file elements effectively. In absence of SQL Server it doesn't work smoothly as well as unable to decrypt the encrypted SQL database

Export decrypt SQL objects

Desirable Export Option

Export the decrypted SQL database objects directly to the SQL Server with its suitable option. After successfully decrypting the SQL database and its associated objects the SQL decryptor software provides two option for safety's point of view i.e. With Encryption and Without encryption

Download SQL Decryptor Software

Get download the trial version for decrypting SQL Server database scripts files with simplicity.

Configuaration Requirements

  • Support All Windows OS & SQL Server versions
  • 1 GHZ Processor workable
  • Ram 512 MB
  • Free Disk Space of alleast 5 MB


Watch the SQL decrptor software video and execute decryption process of SQL database with proficiency.

Get To Know How to Decrypt SQL View Reliably

Basically, the users can get their SQL Server database decrypted via any of the two procedures which are as follow; either you can compose your own process or script of decrypting database or you can use SQL Decryptor Tool, which is designed to serve the users with a probable procedure of decoding the databases encrypted with coding in a short range of time which allows the users to save a productive time period which can be utilized elsewhere.



It has markup the expectation of the SQL users just becuase of its terrific peculiarities. Such an efforts honoured by great rewards.

Client Reviews of SQL Decryptor

I was working on a third party database and trying to modify a stored procedure in it, but, while accessing that stored procedure I got an error message stating that "The text is encrypted.". After a lot of research on it, I found that the procedure is created using WITH ENCRYPTION. While looking for the solution to decrypt encrypted sql server stored procedure I got this highly recommended SQL Decryptor which successfully removed encryption from my stored procedure.

Dejan Barnes

I had a huge database on my SQL server in which i was looking for encrypted database objects. I had tried SQL Decryptor software which showed me all my encrypted database objects like functions, views, stored procedures and also helped me in removing encryption from SQL database.

David Karsten

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I decrypt encrypted SQL Server stored procedure with this SQL Decryptor?
Yes, The Software can easily remove encryption from SQL Server stored procedures and other database objects like views, functions, triggers etc.
Does this tool require to have live SQL Server Environment to decrypt SQL database objects?
Yes, SQL decryptor software require for a live SQL Server environment to decrypt SQL Server database objects.
Can I save my decrypted SQL Server database objects using this tool?
Yes, SQL Server decryption tool allow you to save your decrypted database objects to a new database once the decryption process complete.
Can I decrypt database objects of SQL Server 2014?
Yes, SQL decryptor can remove encryption from SQL Server 2014 & below versions database objects.