How it Works

Step 1

Firstly, Install SQL repair tool and Open it. Install and open SQL recovery software

Step 2

Click on "Open" button to import corrupted MDF file.Click to Open MDF File

Step 3

Now Select the MDF file that has to recover and go to "OPEN Button".Import SQL MDF File

Step 4

Then select the Scanning Mode and MS SQL Server Version and then click on OKSelect Scanning Mode

Step 5

Use NDF Options to browse NDF files for recovery.NDF File Option for Recovery

Step 6

Select NDF files and click on "Open" buttonSelect SQL NDF File

Step 7

Now the software will start scanning the MDF file loaded on the software and will provide you with the details of the file. In these details you can view the name of database, version of database, total tables, total views, and the total number of views, procedures, triggers, and functions etc.Execution of Scanning

Step 8

After the scanning, the tool will prompt you to save the files that have been scanned and if you want to do so but in .str format then you must click on 'Yes' otherwise; click on 'No'.Save Scanned File

Step 9

If you have opted for 'Yes' then the SQL repair tool will prompt you to choose a desired destination location for saving the STR file.Location Selection

Step 10

After saving the file you will be able to preview the recovered items; Triggers, Tables, Views, etc.Preview Screen

Step 11

In the next step you have to click on "Export" in order to save the repaired items from the SQL Server; either as MDF file or SQL Compatible script file.Export SQL Database

Step 12

After going for the applicable saving option, fill in the mandatory fields and then click on 'Export/Save' to end the procedure of SQL Server database recovery.Export Options

Step 13

Select a folder for saving the SQL files and click on "OK" button.Folder Selection